Just like for many other business challenges, there's no readily available salvation solution or combination of solutions, capable of streamlining or totally automating the organization process of an event.


The total process of organizing an event encompasses numerous processes and playing levels that can be modelled into IT systems for the purpose of automation and associated performance gains. Just think about databases, CRM, websites, blogs, video, e-mailings, direct marketing, social media, mobile apps, analytics, business intelligence, exhibitor manual, ordering, budgeting, invoicing, visitor registration, ticketing, lead tracking, surveys, and so on.


For each of these business goals, a myriad of solutions and tools exist, from small to big, solo to integrated with other applications. Finding your way in that web as non-IT'er or without huge affinity with IT, will be a struggle, let alone you'll succeed at sharing data between these tools to have them perform to standards with a unified user experience and interface.


One can already see a future emerge where, you as an organizer, will be forced to incorporate technology in your company's work methods and offer technology to your exhibitors, sponsors and visitors in a way that helps you prove the effectiveness and ROI of your event with facts and figures and secondly in order to extend during your event the interrelation between online and offline, as fostered today by the new generations of customers.


Having that future proof vision today and actually acting upon it, are two totally different things, that can have a large canyon lying between them.

It's exactly that assignment which adekSpo is willing to take on with and for you.


Make your company, your processes and your events future-proof !

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