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Tony Spiloes

I have over 19 years of experience in the event industry, more specifically in trade shows, congresses, seminars and networking events.

During that period I had the privilege to indulge and prove myself in a variety of roles and responsibilities in such fields as IT, operations, marketing, procurement and project management.

My personal growth path went from specialist on an execution level to generalist on strategic level, in small and large companies with international activities.

My carreer started in 1995 at a small Antwerp organizer office where I lead efficiency and automation projects for 16 years. Thanks to strong developed group dynamics and a continuous stream of new ideas, we build an impressive portfolio of events, developed by innovation and endorsed with a respected reputation by exhibitors and attendees, which enjoyed a fair share of interest from our competitors on the Belgian and Dutch event market.

In 2011 I switched positions from the organizer to the hoster side in the event eco system, as Operations Manager at Antwerp expo/Artexis. This switch helped me get know-how and expertise in dealing with the challenges of facility management and space rental.

The last two years as Process & Procurment manager I could fold back to my experience in business process analysis, automation and optimization, supplier management and procurement, acquired during the first 15 years, and substantiate it structurally and methodically on top of delivering it in an international context.


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I got a university educationgenoot in 'Communication Sciences' in Antwerp at the current Plantijn-academy school, in those days named PHICOM, with a specialty in corporate communications and PR as a master after master.

Afterwards a life of learning started with literature, workshops and short term courses in project management, process optimization, procurement and various IT and technology subjects.

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m. +32 485 741 721

skype : tony_spiloes

e. tony@adekspo.be

adekSpo bvba | Armand De Weerdtstraat 25 | 2845 Niel (Antwerpen) | Belgiƫ

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